Garmat control panels are built in our very own 508A ETL listed shop so every panel produced is built to the most recent ETL specifications. Employing our own ETL shop allows for infinite possibilities in customizing each shop’s panel, from the simplest functions to a touch screen complete with any imaginable paint recipe. Garmat certified staff quality controls and tests every piece of equipment that leaves the facility; we are not dependent on standards set by an outside company so we can ensure that the panel meets the quality standards Garmat Equipment is known for.

Garmat equipment is built to meet or exceed all applicable codes:
NFPA (33, 86, 70, 91 and 101) Standards, National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants – NESHAP SubPart HHHHH, OSHA Safety and Health Standards (29CFR 1910.107), ETL, IFC, IBC.
*Code compliance is dependent upon the manner in which the equipment is installed and used. The equipment installation is dependent on the local jurisdiction authorities. To ensure compliance it is recommended that Garmat equipment be installed by a certified Garmat Distributor.