Considering the purchase of an Automotive Spray Booth?

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Garmat 3000 Series Paint BoothA spray booth is the only capital expenditure in a body shop, and is probably the most important equipment purchase a body shop will make. What else is going to wow the customer by producing a beautiful paint job? So it goes without saying that making the choice of what paint booth to purchase is critical to your business success.

Here are some things to think about before you purchase a new paint spray booth:

Distribution – Does the paint booth manufacturer offer support before, during and after the sale?
Performance – Look for features in the spray booth that enhance productivity.
Installation – Be aware of hidden costs, and also be careful that you’re not trading a lower equipment price for higher installation costs.
Reputation – Get an unbiased opinion from your peers. Talk to other shop owners and ask what spray booths they recommend.
Ease of Maintenance – Longevity of your paint booth is tied to preventative maintenance. Simplified procedures can lengthen the its lifespan.


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