Closed Top Open Front

Garmat USA CTOF Series

Garmat’s CTOF (Closed Top Open Front) was the first prep station to be listed as a  Spray Booth. Unlike most prep stations, Garmat’s CTOF meets all NFPA 33 guidelines governing spray booths, giving you unlimited spraying possibilities.  Prep, Prime and Paint in in one area and keep your production goals on track.

In today’s competitive collision repair market, reducing job delays and improving quality are the keys to a shops’ success. Increased production by streamlining work flow is a proven alternative to a paint shop’s bottleneck. Our versatile design comes in wide variety of designs, such as Single Bay, Dual Bay and Triple Bay, with  choices of air flow configurations including downdraft and modified down draft.

Painting larger vehicles? We also offer Closed Top Open Front spray booths with extended roof heights for transit vans and medium duty trucks.

The Highlights

20 ft – Single and Dual Bay Models
24 ft – Single and Dual Bay Models
27 ft – Single and Dual Bay Models
Options And Upgrades

What are the differences? 

ConstructionControls & OperationsConfiguration

Garmat® USA’s Closed Top Open Front Spray Booths are constructed of e.g. steel with durable powder coated finish on fascia , and ceiling panels. All non-heated units are equipped with a reverse incline fan and all heated units are equipped with two reverse incline fans. Single non-heated units are standard with 5 Hp Motors. All heated and double units are standard with 10 Hp motors. Both utilize 3 phase intrinsically safe remote control panels. Complete electrical controls are provided (including motor starter, on-off switch and pneumatic controls for recycle damper).

Refer to Features Table on the configuration tab for the equipment that is appropriate to your needs. All units are equipped with listed electrical panels.

Heavy Duty Industrial Curtain Walls

  • Top secured heavy duty non-combustible curtain walls with clear view vinyl center panel for unobstructed view
  • Fully enclosed, sewn in, galvanized chain in bottom hem for motion reduction and improved appearance.
  • Glides easily on Steel Track & Rollers
  • NFPA and California Fire Marshall approved for fire retardancy
  • OSHA approved
  • Door enclosed models available
Garmat Touchscreen controls include all the functions you need to run your operations efficiently. User friendly interface features switches and touchscreen, with self-diagnostics built in. Optional WIFI upgrade allows you to operate and monitor your paint booth from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Data retrieval capabilities also available.

  • Paint Cycles-Spray, Bake, Flash, and Purge
  • User Friendly-Touchscreen and Switches
  • Paint Recipe Function Built in
  • Maintenance and Diagnostic Functions

All Garmat USA products are provided with a listed industrial electrical control panel. All components are recognized, listed or certified by UL, ETL or CSA. All booths come standard with a pre-wired control panel for reduced field installation time and costs.

Garmat controls are built in our very own 508A ETL listed shop so every panel produced is built to the most recent ETL specifications. Employing our own ETL shop allows for infinite possibilities in customizing each shop’s panel, from the simplest functions to a touchscreen complete with any imaginable paint recipe. Garmat certified staff quality controls and tests every piece of equipment that leaves the facility; we are not dependent on standards set by an outside company so we can ensure that the panel meets the quality standards Garmat Equipment is known for.

Direct Fired Burner

Paint shops rely on their booth for consistent temperature and fast, controlled bake cycles. Garmat USA offers quality performance in a 98% efficient direct-fired burner. The direct fired burner is the most efficient method of heating air for a paint booth as the airflow pattern is closely controlled using profile plates resulting in 98% efficient combustion.

  • Save on installation as the burner does not require vents, set up includes simply setting the gas pressure
  • 30:1 turndown provides a more precise temperature control while optimizing energy usage
  • Direct Fired Burners do not have heat exchangers, nor supply blowers, this further reduces energy consumption, and also simplifies maintenance
  • The stainless steel/aluminum construction ensures a long and corrosion resistant life


Garmat HMA/AMU’s are purposely designed to be efficient while still providing a superior painting environment.

All Garmat HMA/AMU’s are designed in house. By designing and manufacturing our own mechanical systems we can ensure that your HMA/AMU is built to the exact specifications your paint booth requires. From cost efficient to high end, Garmat can design AMU/HMAs to fit any budget. Each Standard Garmat HMA/AMU is listed (42106, 46008, 99223, 9937, 1275) and built to ANSI Z83.25 standards for Direct Gas Fired Process A heaters. The Industrial Process Certifications is critical as it applies to the specific standards and safety measures required for direct fired burner used in the refinishing industry. Garmat USA HMA/AMUs were the first in the market to carry this listing.

Dual Inlet Reverse Incline Fan with Airfoil Blades

Different fan designs have a major impact on stability and consistency of air flow. That is why Garmat uses only  Dual Inlet Reverse Incline Fans with Airfoil Blades on their standard line of automotive spray booths.

The backward direction of the blades creates a vacuum of air surrounding the fan which prevents overspray buildup. These types of fans are capable of operating in a broader range of static pressure area so the airflow remains consistent. Since these fans run at a lower RPM both noise and energy costs are reduced.

  • High resistance to static pressure
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Quiet Operation
  • Belt driven with variable sheave, weight of fan is supported by two heavy duty bearings on the fan frame and not on the motor

Closed Top Open Front Spray Booths

Dual Bay Features Table

Model # Pit Ceiling Filters Curtains Garmat HMA MA PROVIDED
10405 No 3 2 No No
10420 No 3 3 Yes
10450 Yes 4 3 No Yes
10461 Yes 4 3 Yes
10465 Yes 4 2 No Yes
10480 Yes 4 2 Yes

Single Bay Features Table

Model # Pit Ceiling Filters Curtains Garmat HMA MA PROVIDED
10505 No 6 3 No No
10520 No 6 5 Yes
10550 Yes 8 5 No Yes
10561 Yes 8 5 Yes
10565 Yes 8 5 No Yes
10580 Yes 8 5 Yes