Garmat USA

Garmat USA Spray Booth

The Highlights

Intelle-Air® is a mobile finishing station that allows you to sand, prep and paint spot repairs while keeping your paint booth free for bigger jobs.

Intelle-Air is the intelligent way to work – Intelle-Air provides for a clean, ventilated atmosphere which translates to better air quality, cleaner finishes, a healthier work environment and increased productivity for an improved bottom line.

Be More Productive

Intelle-Air  can alleviate your shops bottleneck – The unit is mobile so it can be positioned where you need it most, eliminating the need to constantly rearrange cars to make room for the smaller parts in the paint booth

Intelle-Air  is equipped with a multistage filtration system which removes 99.5% of particulate from the air. By using existing shop air (already heated or cooled), you will reduce your energy costs.